New Apple iPhone and Product Announcements March 2016

New Apple iPhone and Product Announcements March 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage this week in Cupertino to announce several new products in the Apple lineup.  Yes, there is a new Apple iPhone in the lineup and we will get to that first.  For those of us here in Orange County that means new stuff will be here for summer!  Here’s the summary:

New Apple iPhone SE

New Apple iPhone SE

There a kinda-new Apple iPhone called iPhone SE

Well, it’s kinda new.  The insides are new!  Apple has revamped the guts of the iPhone 5 and will immediately start selling a new iPhone called the iPhone SE version.  They dropped the number 5 from this new Apple iPhone model… and gave it a turbo boost inside.  The iPhone SE will have a 4-inch screen, which apparently many customers still love.  But the power of this thing is much more like the iPhone 6S (with new iSight camera, new processor, faster data speeds, Apple Pay, TouchID, and many other features.) all packed into the body of the  iPhone 5S and iPhone 5.  The price is enticing too – starting at $399 or a super low $17 a month without a contract, making it the cheapest iPhone ever introduced – and also one of the most powerful.  Apple says they will start taking orders immediately and will have them in customers hands the first week in April.  Nice one!

iPad Pro is getting a little brother

iPad Pro 9.7 inch

iPad Pro 9.7 inch

And if smaller is better… the iPad had a new little brother too!  Apple will be packing tons of power and features into a smaller iPad Pro… all in the same form factor size as the iPad Air and iPad Air 2.  Apple says the iPad Pro has been a major hit.  Interestingly, many former PC users are using the iPad Pro as their “switching over” product as they especially love the keyboard.  So with a more familiar iPad Air-like device that has new features, like less reflective glass and amazing new audio enhancements, expect Apple to have a nice resurgence on iPad sales.  The newest iPad Pro “jr” will also debut a new Apple True Tone and Night Shift technology that uses two 4-channel ambient sensors to detect the brightness and color temperature of your surroundings and change the background dynamically.  How cool is that?  Can you say “patent that one Tim!”.

And that’s not all.  Similar to it’s big brother iPad Pro, it’ll feature some impressive hardware, including four speakers that change frequencies based on how you position the iPad, an add on custom Smart Keyboard, and capabilities for the new Apple Pencil.  It will also have the technology to capture and and edit 4K video together with new apps and other cool real-time modeling, rendering and gaming features.

The new baby iPad Pro will be available to order immediately with delivery as soon as March 31, 2016.  It has six (6) price points ranging from $599 to $1029 depending on features, memory capacity, and wireless functions.  Expect high demand for this model iPad.

Apple TV is getting even better

Although certainly not today’s headliner, the company’s set top box does have some interesting improvements on the way. Existing users will be excited by the abilities to add folders to the home screen and dictate text such as usernames and passwords. The company also showed off an exclusive app for NCAA march madness basketball that allows fans to simultaneously watch multiple games at once and switch between live games with dynamic scores and other information scrolling along the screens.  Sorry but local town favorite UC Irvine Basketball is not in the tournament folks, again.

Apple TV, with it’s new app based interface continues to grow as a product line for Apple.  And with it, the future of cable TV, Satellite, and scheduled TV as we know it today is headed for the junk-yard.  Apple TV has lots of great interfaces with the new Apple iPhone,   And we can’t be happier about that too!

iOS 9.3 is out and has some fun new features

And to keep the beats marching on… Apple announced the latest enhancements to the world’s most easy to use and technically advanced mobile operating system.  Yep, iOS 9.3 is here.  First out, they updated the world on how deeply the latest version is in the marketplace (yes, a little dig at Android and Windows).  80% of Apple users have the latest OS with all the new features… while Android has just 2% penetration of their latest OS.  It’s actually a shocking number.   All that bragging aside, Apple says the newest version of iOS 9 will be available immediately, and will introduce a cool new feature called Night Shift.  This technology, which uses sensor and time based technology to automatically shift your display’s colors depending on the time of the day.  You will get warmer day spectrum colors in the day, and will block out blue light in the evening to help you shift your body clock to sleep energy.  Seriously, who thinks of that?

A few other features in iOS 9.3 include more TouchID password integration (like in Notes) and upgrades to the Apple Health app, better Apple CarPlay integration, and a lot of nice bug fixes and little updates.

Apple Watch is cheaper and has new bands

RepairZoom in Irvine’s lead repair tech Antony loves his Apple Watch.  And while he’s been busy offering the cheapest iPhone Repair in Orange County he’s always using his Apple Watch to keep on schedule and keep his customers happy.  Apple has announced that starting today, the category-defining Apple watch drops down to just $299.  And it will be available with several exciting new band options, including a cool woven nylon band in a rainbow of bright colors!

Lot’s of great stuff folks.  Everyone loves the fact a new Apple iPhone has been introduced along with many new products.  Enjoy the updates and send us your feedback as you purchase, upgrade, and use these new Apple iPhone and iPad product features.




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