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iPhone 6 Repair GPS

iPhone 6 repair is a booming business.  You can get many great repairs at the Apple Store Genius Bar, or at one of thousands of independent iPhone 6 repair companies that have sprouted up all over the country.  Apple calls their Genius Bar the best place to get support for Apple products.  And it is in many respects, it is for repairs like the iPhone 6 Repair GPS or ApplePay type repairs.  When you need a hardware repair, you can make a reservation at the Genius Bar. For software or services, you can often times get help even faster by phone or chat services.  Apple is the most valuable company in the world, so of course it will cost you to get any of these first-class services. And, sometimes these services take quite a bit of extra time.

Many customers lately had gone into the Apple Store complaining of problems with their iPhone 6 GPS not working properly, or their iPhone 6 Apple pay not working properly.  When this happens, the genius bar associates will simply replace your broken iPhone 6 if the criteria for such an exchange.  But what if there was a different option for fixing the iPhone 6 GPS for broken Apple Pay.  For USA consumers, now such a great option exists.

iPhone 6 Repair GPS or Apple Pay

iPhone 6 Repair GPS or Apple Pay

One of the lesser known but more frustrating repairs that is needed from time to time for the iPhone 6, is fixing poorly working or not operational Apple pay for GPS. In fact, these two features often fail at the same time. Why is that? Because the technology behind “NFC” and”GPS” are nested on the same piece of hardware inside your iPhone 6.

How can you tell if you’re iPhone 6 repair GPS hardware or NFC signal is broken?

How can you tell if your iPhone 6 repair GPS hardware is broken?  The first sign is that the GPS on your Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze, is likely not working correctly.  Perhaps your turn directions are frustratingly inaccurate, or there is a message on your iPhone that says “cannot connect to GPS” on the top of your screen.  In such situations, often times you might get much less accurate turn by turn directions while driving.  This is calibrated from cell phone towers, and not from GPS satellites.  This is why it’s not nearly as accurate and works poorly for directions.

If it’s Apple pay that’s causing you challenges, the most obvious sign is that when you go to use it, It just doesn’t work. Apple pay is initiated by placing your thumbprint on the home button when your apple wallet is open. You maybe at whole foods market, trying to use Apple pay with a big line of people behind you, and the Apple pay reader just doesn’t seem to”see” your iPhone. Don’t worry, your credit is not bad or stolen.  It’s just your NFC chip not working properly!  With a proper repair, you can get this replaced for about $99.00.





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